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Does It Really Do That? Stone Wave Cooker

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)-- Maybe you don't have time to cook. Maybe you don't like to cook. Maybe you don't think you can cook.

Well, the stone wave wants you. It's a little handmade ceramic stoneware cooker that promises great tasting food in minutes. So many of you have seen the commercials for this one and wanted us to find out, does it really do that?

"The kitchen and I do not get along very well. Basically the only reason I have one is for friends and family who like to come over and hang out," said Lynn Berkoben.

But she wants to eat healthy, and the Stone Wave Cooker promises to be able to make anyone cook like a pro.

"It sounds simple enough, but again, for someone who doesn't like to do a lot in the kitchen, we'll see, it could be scary," said Berkoben.

The Stone Wave Cooker is a hand-made ceramic pot and lid. The packaging informs us that the secret to the system is actually the unique design of the lid. It's domed, with a chimney to release steam while heating food evenly, and infusing flavor into the foods. The handle of the little pot is hollow, which is supposed to help to keep it cool.

You also get a little booklet of five-minute recipes to try, and an instruction sheet.

Not much in the way of directions for this one. Just wash pieces before use, and be aware that cooking times may vary from the times listed due to differences in strengths of microwaves.

We don't waste any time jumping right in with one of the easiest recipes shown on the commercial: a fluffy omelet.

As directed, Lynn cracks two large eggs into the Stone Wave Cooker and whips them really well. We also didn't use a cooking spray, the Stone Wave claims to be non-stick, no sprays needed. Then, Lynn puts the lid on the cooker and microwaves it for one-and-a-half minutes.

"Ooh look at that. Wow," said Berkoben.

The directions say after you can add cheese, cover it back up, for just a few minutes, and it melts nicely.

"Oh, wow. It melted," said Berkoben.

A fluffy omelet, fast. But how does it taste? Lynn's aunt Lynda gave it a try.

"It is good ... I could totally make that for breakfast in the morning before work because you know, I don't have a lot of time," said Lynda.

So far, so good. And, as promised, clean-up was easy.

"Not sticking ... and we didn't spray it," said Lynda.

Excited to try more recipes, we go for another one shown on the commercial, a cooked onion that the recipe booklet calls "the baked onion trick." Lynn peels a sweet onion, cuts a cone shaped piece from the core, adds butter, and a beef bullion cube, covers it up and pops it in the microwave for four minutes.

"I definitely think it needs a little bit more," said Berkoben.

We give it another 30 seconds to get the onion a little softer.

"Oh yeah, it's really soft now," said Berkoben.

The booklet says the cooked onion can be used as a meat topping or in any recipe that calls for sauteed onions. It also gives a recipe for French onion soup. We add the cooked onion to more beef broth, croutons and a slice of cheese, then cooked it for another minute-and-a-half.

The consensus: it was delicious.

Ready to try some of the desserts now, we start with a baked apple recipe, apples, water, sugar, cinnamon and butter, cook for just a few minutes and it's done.

With some ice cream or whipped topping, they say it's great.

And now for the recipe Lynn's been waiting for, a chocolate soufflé, something Lynn would never have dreamed of making herself. Following the recipe we mix together flour, sugar, cocoa powder, milk, vegetable oil, egg, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. You just cook it for two minutes, 15 seconds.

"Wow, look at that ... I'm shocked," Berkoben said.

All in all, no problems with any of the recipes. Clean-up was easy and the food was cooked the whole way through! The stone wave cooker promises great tasting food in minutes. Does it really do that?

"I actually think it's amazing. For somebody who doesn't cook, I could actually cook things in this in a relatively quick amount of time, so I think it's great," Berkoben said.


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