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Dennis Miller's Bolder, Fresher Tour Coming To Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio1020 KDKA) - Pittsburgh native Dennis Miller is making his way back home to Pittsburgh and is bringing Bill O'Reilly with him. It is just one of the stops on their Bolder, Fresher comedy tour.

Miller, a Point Park University graduate, got his comedic start in Playboy Magazine - of all places - with a joke. He went on to stardom on Saturday Night Live after a stint with our own KDKA-TV.

Reminiscing about his days in Pittsburgh and talks about his favorite place to get a slice of pizza.

"I'm looking forward to getting out and going to Danny's Parkview Pizza near the South Park drive-in. Please tell me it's still there and I can get my favorite hoagie sandwich," Miller said.

Callers responded to ease his mind and let him know Danny's is still around.

Now, Miller takes his comedy tour on the road bringing his political commentary and pop cultural references that have crowds roaring. O'Reilly and Miller are as opposite as you can get politically and socially, which makes for an entertaining night on the stage.

"He's (O'Reilly) a good man. I can't say he's not stern sometimes but he's also got a funny side, too, that I think the people will see. I come out and do like 35 minutes of comedy, he comes out and speaks about the state of the world for about 35, we take a break, we come out for about 35 at the end and field questions. And it's funny to watch O'Reilly do his impressions and stuff," Miller said.

The tour promises to be "an intense blend of political commentary and political satire" and you can be a part of it March 14, at CONSOL Energy Center.

You can hear the whole interview here:

Dennis Miller

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