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Deer Foaming From Mouth Attacks Woman

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The deer that attacked a woman in Westmoreland County has tested positive for rabies, according the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Rachel McGough is the manager at the Sherwin Williams paint store in East Huntingdon Township. She noticed the doe Tuesday morning as she was about to open the store.

"There was a deer standing outside the liquor store," Said McGough. "Thought that was pretty funny, so I took a picture of it. And it started to charge me!"

She didn't know what to think as the doe began pushing her.

"Oh my God! This deer is going to kill me," she said.

McGough says the stuff she was carrying actually helped a little.

"I had a couple of bags with me that I shoved at it trying to get away. One of the bags got looped around its neck, which allowed me to get a couple feet away," said McGough.

Turns out, two guys up at the McDonald's had been watching the deer cross the parking lot and then come over to McGough. They became Good Samaritans when they came running down and tackled the deer.

"Lucky the guys were there just in time to get the deer off of me," said McGough.

They tied the doe up, and it actually died before the Pa. Game Commission arrived.

"There had to be something wrong. Its head was scabbed over and it was foaming green from its mouth," said McGough.

Wildlife Conservation Officer Mike Papinchak says the deer has tested positive for rabies, so the health department will contact everyone involved to see if treatment is needed.

Fortunately, McGough says she wasn't bitten or scratched by the doe. However, she says one of the men who helped did get some scratches.

Officer Papinchak says it's not as common for deer to get rabies as some other animals, but he says there's no reason people need to be concerned about what happened.

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