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Darlington Woman Charged With Shaking Baby

ELLWOOD CITY (KDKA) – Charges have been filed against a Darlington woman accused of shaking her brother and sister-in-law's baby from Ellwood City.

Police have been investigating 29-year-old Amy Jo Market for the past two months.

Court documents say Market was living with the child's parents, Edward and Tana Market.

According to court documents, the baby was taken to Ellwood City Hospital for treatment on Oct. 13.

The boy's mother said that the baby had become lethargic and the child's face was twitching similar to a seizure.

"When we took him to the hospital Oct. 13, he was having a seizure during his dinner and that's when I took him over to the Ellwood City Hospital," said Tana. "I hadn't known about any of the trauma or anything he went through."

The baby was then taken by medical helicopter to Children's Hospital.

Doctors did a CT scan and found out baby Eddie had blood on his brain. The 8-month-old was diagnosed with abusive head trauma.

Amy Market was interviewed by police on Oct. 22. She denied shaking the baby.

Court documents say on Nov. 8, Market took a polygraph test.

"They polygraphed my husband, they polygraphed myself and they polygraphed my sister-in-law, who I guess was the next person in line that took care of him the most," said Tana, "and she failed her polygraph test and they found out through that. She admitted to the police that she had shaken him."

According to court documents, Amy admitted to shaking the baby on one occasion because she was frustrated with the baby crying. She had been babysitting.

"She said it was out of frustration one day," said Lt. David Kingston, of Ellwood City Police. "The baby was crying, which is very… we see that a lot in shaken baby type cases."

"The last person you expect is going to be family, you know, someone you trust, but… I'm just glad that we found out what it was," added Tana.

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