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Critic On Catholic Church And Illegal Immigrants: 'If you lay down with dogs, you'll get fleas'

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - The Holy Family Institute in Emsworth plans on housing dozens of illegal immigrant children under 12-years-old.

Recently polls have been released stating that show the majority of the country does not want to house these immigrants here, but wants to send them back.

The Catholic Church claims that they are serving the social justices in the world by taking these children in.

What KDKA's Mike Pintek wants to remind people, is the Church is receiving money from the federal government for this charity. Pintek says the money is from the same government who has recently banned all companies who obtain federal support from discriminating against their LGBT community. That executive order was criticized by the church as, "unprecedented and extreme."

Pintek referred to this move as, "aiding and abetting the government." He continues that the church complains that this government is making too many rules but they'll straddle the line between immoral and moral just to receive the money.

Michael Voris Part 1

The Founder and President of St. Michael's Media and Senior Executive Producer of, Michael Voris, added to Pintek's comments, "if you lay down with dogs, you'll get fleas." He continues that this relationship between the Catholic Church and the federal government goes back to the late 1960's when the Catholic leadership was drawn closer to the Democratic party as they made a more liberal change.

Voris says that the Catholic Church is, "married to this social justice thing," and that's how the justify their actions, especially taking care of the illegal children. He explains that the United States Bishops have been involved in a "spiritual schizophrenia," trying to "cherry-pick" a part sentences to make it sound as if it's what the agree with.

On one side, the Church will preach a message to their congregation that the government wants to undermined their teachings. But they continue to be an active role with those people who will put the laws into place that will restrict their education.

Michael Voris Part 2

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Voris adds that since 1969 the Catholic Church has been raising a fund that will help end poverty by "teaching them to fish, rather than giving them a fish." He believes that the Catholic Church needs to understand that even though they don't support what the government is doing all the time, by accepting money from them there will still be consequences that will end up negatively effecting them.

"They will come out and say, 'Oh no, these moral teachings, can't do this,' and then they hop in bed with causes which help elect the people that help promote these things that they say are immoral," said Voris. "They gotta make up their mind, are you all in with them or are you all out with them. So what they'll do is straddle the line and say "oh we're not liberal or conservative, those aren't terms that apply,' no, but the things you are doing, the consequences of the things you are doing do fall under the category's of either liberal or conservative. You don't get to hide behind the 'we're above the fray, we're just helping the poor.' No you're not, you're helping the people who want to destroy the moral fiber that you teach, the moral teachings that you teach, you're helping them get elected and stay elected."

Michael Voris Part 3


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