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Clinton's Doctor Says She's 'Fit To Serve'

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Clinton's doctor says she is recovering from her pneumonia and remains "healthy and fit to serve as President of the United States."

The statement was part of medical information Clinton's campaign released Wednesday after her pneumonia diagnosis last week.

The campaign says that Clinton's physician found that the remainder of the Democratic presidential nominee's complete physical exam was "normal" and she is in "excellent mental condition."

Dr. Lisa Bardack adds that Clinton is "recovering well with antibiotics and rest" after she became overheated, dehydrated and felt dizzy at a 9/11 memorial ceremony on Sunday.

Clinton's aides say she'll return to the campaign trail on Thursday.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine says "there's been a double standard applied" for Hillary Clinton as a woman when it comes to her health and disclosure of medical records.

Kaine spoke to reporters Wednesday after visiting a Democratic campaign office in Gary, Indiana. He said he's not go into say "it's all about her gender, but there's a double standard."

He added that Clinton "produced so much more" health information than Donald Trump.

Former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea would leave the board of a health project connected to the Clinton Foundation if Hillary Clinton wins the White House.

The plans were announced Wednesday by the Clinton Health Initiative. They would be aimed at minimizing potential conflicts of interests if the Democratic nominee is elected president.

The health project would no longer use the Clinton name in its title. Three other board members would also step down and five new members would be selected as quickly as possible.

According to the statement, their goal is to "become an organization completely independent of the Clinton Foundation."

The Democratic presidential nominee has faced criticism about ties between charitable foundation started by her husband and her role as secretary of state.

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