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Charleroi Parents Accused Of Hiding Baby's Body In Bedroom Wall Charged With Homicide

CHARLEROI, Pa. (KDKA) -- A Washington County couple accused of hiding their baby's dead body in a bedroom wall is facing new charges, including homicide.

Kylie Wilt is at the Washington County Prison while her husband Alan Hollis is behind bars at SCI Greene. The couple in this case is now facing 17 charges each. Washington County District Attorney Jason Walsh said there were a lot of factors that led to him filing the homicide charges, including evidence, interviews and a forensic exam of the child's body.

Walsh said a forensic exam found that baby Archer suffered broken ribs. In addition to that, text messages exchanged between the couple show how angry they were when Archer cried, repeatedly calling him inappropriate names and saying things like "Dude, what the (expletive) is his problem, I'm about to (expletive) snap his neck."

"I think the text messages speak for themselves," said Walsh.

The DA said last month that Wilt reached out from jail saying she wanted to tell the truth.

"Miss Wilt reached out to law enforcement and was interviewed again, to which her subsequent interview more or less put blame on the father," Walsh said.

Wilt said Hollis is the one who cut the hole in the wall at their home on Lookout Avenue in Charleroi and resealed it after the baby was placed inside. Detectives also interviewed Hollis and said he admitted to doing that.

"They were getting assistance from welfare with regard to food and medical and things of that nature, although the investigation revealed they were not seeking medical care for the child," said Walsh.

KDKA reached out to Hollis' mom, Beth Hollis, who told KDKA's Amy Wadas over the phone that she hasn't talked to her son in several years.

"I still love both Kylie and Alan but I want justice for the baby," she said.

"I beat myself up every day wondering if I had been in his life, would the outcome be different?" Hollis added.

Wilt's attorney said his client has cooperated with the district attorney's office and stated that she went on the record early in the case saying she doesn't know how her son died and wasn't present when he passed away.

She also said she would give truthful testimony to bring homicide charges against her husband. The attorney also stressed Wilt maintains her innocence in this case.

A woman who used to live next door to the couple said she is in the process of planning a candlelight vigil for the child. She's holding it Friday at 7 p.m. at 1005 Upper Crest Avenue in Charleroi.

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