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Folake Olowofoyeku And Billy Gardell Call 'Bob Hearts Abishola' Wedding Tonight 'A Historic Moment'

(CBS) - Tonight at 8:30PM ET/PT, CBS will air the long awaited wedding of Bob Wheeler and Abishola Bolatito Doyinsola Oluwatoyin Adebambo on an all-new Bob Hearts Abishola. From creator Chuck Lorre, Bob Hearts Abishola is into their third season on CBS and will enter a new chapter with the wedding fans have been waiting for since 2019.

CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to Gardell and Olowofoyeku ahead of tonight's episode to discuss the show's strong run and everything that went into making their wedding as authentic as possible.

MW- Hello! Nice to see you both again and congrats on tonight's new episode! Before we get into this particular episode though, we're into season three now so how much does it mean to both of you to still have the support from the fans and still be going strong three seasons in?

BG- It's incredible, man, we're very very blessed that we found our audience very early and it has just grown since then. Now it's culminating in this beautiful authentic Nigerian wedding that's going to be colorful and beautiful and filled with joy and like nothing you've seen on a sitcom. It's going to be a new launching point for us to go our next few years so it's really, really exciting to be a part of this.

FO- I just feel like I lucked out in so many different ways. First of all, to be in America and have the opportunity that I do. This is the land of opportunity coming from Nigeria. I kind of had to escape for creative liberation. Here I am surrounded, still, by my culture and I'm just so happy that it's resonated with so many people. I think that's the brilliance of Chuck Lorre and our team. I feel like I have very little to do with this and I'm just grateful to be part of the ride.

MW- I'm sure you deserve more credit than you think!

BG- Absolutely, we love her humility.

MW- Now you mentioned we're on the edge of this huge moment for both of your characters. How proud are you of the growth that those characters have had?

FO- Very proud, I'm so glad to let loose.

BG- It took Bob a minute to de-ice her heart but he finally got there. Abishola also offers a strength for Bob. I think that's one of their great connectivity things.

FO- Yeah, I'm really proud that this season you're going to see Abishola in a new light, a way you've never seen. It's just beautiful even for me as an actor to just loosen it up a little bit. I made the choice to make her as she's come across in the past couple of seasons but I'm always happy to show a different side of her.

MW- We have this traditional Nigerian wedding tonight, how much work went into making this as authentic as possible?

BG- Oh, man, I mean I said to our wardrobe department that if they don't send this for an Emmy nomination something is wrong. I don't think this is going to be topped all year. I mean they were so authentic from from the dress to the way that the wedding is supposed to be performed; the week of festivities. They really nailed it.

FO- Yes, the art department and the crew, if they aren't recognized for the amount of work that went into these episodes it's going to really be a disservice. We see an assimilation blending American sitcom into the Nigerian space in a way we've never seen before. We actually literally drive past the house that I grew up in. That's how authentic it is.

We have a replica of of a real Nigerian market on set. We also showed that in season two, a little bit in season one and then we really dive into it in season three. The wedding decorations are exactly a replica of how you would see them in Nigeria.

There is a particular way to decorate and they have that down to a tee. The wardrobe is also replicated down to the stitch in a way that we've never seen on American television before. This is a historic moment and I think folks don't want to miss it.

MW- What an experience to have the actual house you grew up in be a part of this episode. You're really blending your two homes...

FO- That's pretty much the only home I ever had until I met Chuck Lorre and was able to afford another home; I'm serious. I left Nigeria, when I was when I was 18, I moved here and it was just never the same.

It just means so much to me. I remember sitting on top of that house and looking out at a performance and just hoping and praying that one day I'll just get a chance to be in the arts. Now here I am on American television and my character is driving right in front of that house; it's so beautiful.

MW- That's incredible. Unfortunately that's all the time I have with you two today but thank you so much for the time. Congrats on the wedding and all the best!

BG- Thanks a lot man, take care.

FO- Thank you, Matt!

Tune in for an all-new Bob Hearts Abishola tonight at 8:30PM ET/PT on CBS or streaming live and on-demand with Paramount+. Check your local listings for more information.

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