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Best Pittsburgh Foodies To Follow On Twitter

For Pittsburgh foodies, nothing beats a solid, informative Twitter feed. With so many great sites to follow, it's no wonder the food culture here is exploding, especially with social media sites blowing up feeds with tips, insider information and food news any cuisine junkie can get behind. Pittsburgh's foodies to follow on Twitter will keep you in the know with great places to eat and drink all year long. Simply sign up and follow these links to receive their updates and get started following the best foodies in the area.
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eatpgh.comGeared toward a female audience and food lovers in the Pittsburgh area, Eat PGH is hosted by Julia Gongaware, Amanda McFadden, Sarah Sudar and Laura Zorch. These food junkies even wrote a book about the best of Pittsburgh for restaurants and other culinary offerings. They organize the best eateries in Pittsburgh by events, recipes and location to make it easy for any would-be foodie to find his or her niche.

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Farm To Table
farmtotablepa.comFarm To Table encourages healthy and local eating and cooking for the entire community. It communicates with farms in Pennsylvania to encourage sustainability and positive lifestyles in Pittsburgh, then connects them through Twitter with the state's true food lovers. It often communicates with the media, schools and local businesses to spread the word about local produce and organic recipes.

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Food Collage
www.foodcollage.comFood Collage features an amateur blogger — Clara — who shares her enjoyment of food in the Pittsburgh area. She talks about everything from experimental recipes to her recommendations on local sandwich shops and desserts. Her blog features high-quality photographs of the tasty food she indulges in and events she attends as well. Overall, this Twitter feed is ideal for those that want a casual take on food in the Pittsburgh area.

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PittsburghGhirl (Taste of Pittsburgh)
www.tastetheburgh.comTaste of Pittsburgh, a Twitter feed and blog by local Pittsburgh foodies, Blake and her unnamed Partner in Dine. They feature restaurant reviews based upon type of cuisine with a top-10 section based upon which part of Pittsburgh and what kind of food you might be in the mood for. These foodies even gauge atmosphere to guarantee each diner finds the perfect fit no matter the occasion.

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Mike Beattie
www.foodburgh.comThis particular Twitter feed and blog focuses on the the local restaurants and businesses right here in Pittsburgh. Beattie's blog also features bar reviews and his personal favorite drink recommendations. Beattie even takes an interest in some of the challenges that local restaurants face. Overall, his blog offers an informative, somewhat healthy stance on local eateries.

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burghilicious.comThis food blog mostly focuses on at-home cooking and dining from the view of a Pittsburgh native. Placing an emphasis on recipes, Lauren Bracey talks about food including Guinness-braised short ribs, apple tarts and pumpkin black bean soup. This particular blog is great for the Pittsburgh local who wants to take a break from eating out to enjoy a great home-cooked meal.

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