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Beaver Co. Fugitive Arrested At Hospital With Girlfriend In Labor

BEAVER (KDKA) -- A 20-year-old Beaver Falls man whose face appeared recently on Comcast's "Most Wanted Fugitive" segment in Beaver County was arrested at a local hospital as his girlfriend was in labor.

This happened at the Heritage Valley Health System Hospital, formerly known as the Beaver Valley Medical Center.

Ayende Crawford was in the hospital room with his girlfriend who was about to give birth to their baby.

Deputies from the Beaver County Sheriff's Department Warrant Squad, backed up by local police, showed up at the hospital, after receiving an anonymous tip that Crawford was there.

They said he was surprised when they walked into the room, but he offered no resistance. Crawford was wanted on charges including aggravated assault, DUI, unlawful restraint, and reckless endangerment.

There were mixed opinions in Beaver County tonight about Crawford's hospital arrest.

"If you are wanted by the law, they [police] should be able to pick up you, where you show up," Martin Flaherty of Vanport said.

Narinda Gill of Robinson offered a different opinion.

"They should have waited until at least the kid was delivered, I mean, let him carry the baby for a couple of seconds," Gill said.

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