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14-year-old boy accused of killing man in New Kensington

14-year-old boy accused of killing man in New Kensington
14-year-old boy accused of killing man in New Kensington 02:36

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) - A 14-year-old boy is wanted by police in connection with a homicide in New Kensington Sunday. 

Police said the teen, Amir Kennedy, shot and killed Jason Raiford in broad daylight with an assault rifle at a housing complex on Fifth Avenue in New Kensington.  

Detectives were back on scene Tuesday interviewing residents and wearing bulletproof vests.  

"I ask that all of our brave law enforcement officers are careful in their search for the individual charged with homicide of Mr. Raiford," Westmoreland County District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli said in a statement Monday. 

A man was shot and killed at the Valley Royal apartment complex in New Kensington on July 3, 2022.  (Photo: KDKA)

Broken glass could still be seen shattered on the ground Tuesday after gunfire erupted outside the housing complex.  

According to a criminal complaint, surveillance video shows the victim walking into the stairwell of the apartment complex where six other people were.  

Police said a scuffle ensued and guns were drawn. They said Kennedy had a long rifle and pointed it at Raiford.  

Video then shows Kennedy run outside. From another camera, Raiford is seen walking outside with a gun in his hand pointed at the ground. Police said that's when shots were fired, killing Raiford.  

"I would like to know what went through this 14-year-old's mind when he pulled that trigger. What was you thinking?" said Kendra Fouse, a resident who lives near where the shooting happened. "Wasn't you thinking about the consequences? What's going to happen? Whose life you're taking? I mean, it's just it's a messed up situation."  

Residents in the area said the violence in New Kensington must come to an end.  

"Why do these kids nowadays think that guns are cool? Why do they think violence is cool? I mean, because it's not cool. Now this kid, when he gets caught, he's gonna literally be facing the rest of his life in jail. At the age of 14, you're gonna spend the rest of your life in jail over something stupid," Fouse said.  

Fouse said Raiford was a husband, son and father of two.  

"It's very heartbreaking because now his two daughters are growing up without a dad," Fouse said. 

Others that knew him said he'd give you the shirt off his back and was kind to everyone.  

"I mean, he had his own struggles, but he was always humble and kind and polite to everybody. It's just sad that a 14-year-old did this, you know?" Fouse said.  

Right now, there's no motive for the shooting.  

The DA said two other minors have been arrested on felony gun charges.  

Anyone with information on Kennedy's whereabouts should call 911 or the New Kensington Police Department immediately. 

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