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A quick phone call for Steelers season tickets

412 Fanatics: One lucky season ticket holder
412 Fanatics: One lucky season ticket holder 01:44

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - It's no surprise to any Pittsburgh fan that the Steelers are immensely popular in this town.

Season ticket waiting lists can sometimes balloon into years-long affairs.

"My first game was in 1989, it was Week 3. The Minnesota Vikings were playing at Three Rivers Stadium and no one was giving the Steelers a shot. The Steelers came out and beat them. I was really hyped up and excited about it and told my brother I was going to get season tickets," diehard Steelers fan Steve Harlow said, describing his first foray into Steeler Nation.

Harlow dialed the Steelers ticket office to see what, if anything, was available. His goal was to get on the waiting list for one ticket.

The ticket broker Harlow spoke to said one of her accounts was dropped, leaving one season ticket available for purchase. Harlow was shocked to hear of the opening, making sure the ticket broker meant the ticket was available for the upcoming season. It was.

He did not pass up the opportunity, recalling a scene of jumping up and down with excitement after finalizing the order.

"I think it's fair that he gets his season ticket on his first try," Andrea Johnson said. "That's the universe saying this loyal fan deserves to be there every game he can make."

While speaking with the Fan N'ATion crew, Harlow showed off his impressive Steelers collection of memorabilia, highlighting a special banner he constructed out of several Terrible Towels.

"For me, being the super fan that I am, there is no other way to do it," Harlow said with a smiling chuckle.

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