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2 Suspects Sentenced In Mike Adams' Stabbing Case

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -Two men facing charges in relation to the stabbing of Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Adams were sentenced Wednesday morning.

Dquay Means was acquitted of participating in the stabbing, but he was still convicted of escape when he ran from police.

Today, he is a free man.

Judge Anthony Mariani sentenced him to time served plus three years of probation along with 300 hours of community service.

Means already served 11 months in jail awaiting trial in the Adams case.

He plans to continue his career as a rap artist.

"He talked in the community about mistakes he had made in the past," said defense attorney Fred Rabner. "He performed sat a bar mitzvah. He got a labor job when he realized that he wasn't going to make money performing while on an ankle bracelet. He went in the studio and put his nose to the grindstone. He did everything you would want someone to do to demonstrate that he is a changed person."

The judge dropped a firearms charge that was still pending against him as well.

Jerrell Whitlock, who also faces residual charges, will remain in jail for several months.

His escape conviction involved traveling to Florida, using a false ID and resisting officers who caught up with him in Florida.

"When it was revealed it was a Steeler who was stabbed and then all the publicity the following day, that was not good news for our guys," said Bill Difenderfer, the defense attorney. "Oh my God, how are we going to win this type of thing, and they all, there's no way there was a robbery in this case and it was totally, I believe, was embellished by Mr. Adams."

As a result, Judge Mariani sentenced him to 18 to 36 months plus three years of probation.

He will get credit for the 14 months he's been in jail, but will serve out additional time in prison

Michael Paranay, a third defendant, was acquitted of all charges previously.


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