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Travel Website Survey Reveals Most Popular Seat On A Plane

By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - In a survey, 1,000 air travelers were asked their favorite place to sit – not factoring in extra leg room of exit rows – and the most sought-after seat on a standard aircraft is 6A, a window seat at the front of the plane.

In fact, 60-percent say they prefer the window to the aisle. Travelers at Philly International Airport tend to agree.

"Oh just to see what's going on outside."

"I wanna see what's happening."

"I like to see where we're going, I like watching as we come in."

"It's the only chance you get to look at the world from up there, what the heck?"

But some say the aisle seats do have benefits.

"So I can get out and go to the bathroom without disturbing anyone.  And I'm a little claustrophobic."

Seat 31E, a middle seat near the back of the plane, was voted least popular in the study done by the travel website It finds most people want the first 6-rows, so they can get on and off the plane faster. People who pick the back say they feel safer, those who choose the middle say they feel less turbulence.

And frequent fliers say for long-hauls or red-eyes, pick a window seat on the left side of the plane, because the windows are off-center, giving you wall space to lean against.

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