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UPDATE: Suspect Arrested, Hearse Recovered Following Theft From Camden County Funeral Home

By Steve Beck

SOMERDALE, N.J. (CBS) -- Police say they have recovered a hearse that was stolen from a Camden County funeral home on Tuesday and arrested a suspect.

The theft happened at the Zale Funeral Home located in the 700 block of White Horse Pike in Stratford, New Jersey.

According to investigators, just before noon, the suspect entered an open garage of the business and stole the keys to the hearse. The suspect then jumped into a 2000 Cadillac hearse and sped off, but not before crashing the hearse into the garage wall.

The hearse was later recovered by Pennsauken police on Route 130. Carly Zale, 18, of Stratford, was arrested at the scene.

Though police confirm Zale is the daughter of the owners of Zale Funeral Home, she was still charged with Unlawful Taking of a Motor Vehicle, Reckless Driving and Leaving the scene of an accident.

Officials say this is the second time in the past three months that a hearse was stolen from the Zale Funeral Home, but it's not clear if the two incidents were related.

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