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Business owner in West Philadelphia stays positive as restaurant hit twice after looting

Business owner in West Philadelphia stays positive as restaurant hit twice after looting
Business owner in West Philadelphia stays positive as restaurant hit twice after looting 03:11

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's a quieter night for Philadelphia police after dozens of stores were ransacked in looting incidents throughout the week. But many stores are still left cleaning up the damage.

One restaurant owner we spoke with said his store was actually hit twice in two days.

Still, in the face of broken windows and doors, he's trying to stay positive.

"It's been a lot. Right?" Brendan Hartranft said. "But good thing I run a restaurant because there's always something."

Windows are still boarded up at the Clarkville restaurant near 43rd and Baltimore in West Philly Friday. Owner Hartranft heard about the looting and then walked into his shop Wednesday morning.

"We kind of came into 12 windows being busted out," Hartranft said. "Then you know, you just gotta get to work."

Hartranft said he didn't think anyone went inside. But the next night, the restaurant was reportedly hit again with the doors that were just replaced spray painted. Clarkville isn't alone.

Corridor Collaborative President Jabari Jones says many businesses in West Philly still haven't fully recovered from extensive looting in 2020 and this week's incidents just add to the pain.

"I mean with all the things that happened in 2020, even with all the aid that's come in, we still have businesses that are still struggling out here every day," Jones said.

Looting Aftermath: Business owners in West Philadelphia are still cleaning up 02:29

But he did see one important difference from three years ago, a much larger police response. Jones credited the department for moving quickly and making more than 60 arrests. He thinks that's had an effect on businesses.

For the most part, I'll say the increased police presence has given businesses some confidence," Jones said. "And it's given them the confidence to say hey we're gonna try to run things as normal as possible."

The collaborative is also helping and making sure stores are insured and have security measures in place. At Clarkville, it'll be business as usual this weekend.

"Top-notch food, great beer, amazing hospitality," Hartranft said.

Even in the face of a dozen broken windows, he says they're staying upbeat.

"We're not going to add to the frustration," Hartranft said. "We're just gonna repair it, pick ourselves up by our bootstraps, and move forward."

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Police released a video Friday of a group breaking into and looting a South Philly pharmacy along South 19th Street Wednesday night.

Police looking for group of looters breaking into a South Philly pharmacy 00:16

Police have said all week they will be on guard for any more potential looting in the city throughout the weekend and are ready to shut these criminals down.

They say to expect a larger police presence in high-target and business corridors across the city.

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