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Mike Tyson's Tweet Gives Publicity Punch To Reading Terminal Chocolatier

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A center city Philadelphia chocolate shop is getting some extra publicity after former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson wished folks a "Happy New Ear" on Twitter.

The proprietors at Chocolate By Mueller, at the Reading Terminal Market, are known for their body part chocolate molds -- and their sense of humor.

"The day after Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear, my father put a slogan out there, 'Ears that are okay to bite, the Mike Tyson special.'  And for 16 years they've been on display," notes Glenn Mueller, one of the owners.

Yesterday, he says, one of their chocolate ears showed up on Mike Tyson's own Twitter feed.

"Well, somebody was here recently that he knows, because my dad this year did a slogan, 'Happy New Ear,'  and you can see it in the picture that he tweeted," Mueller says.

Since that tweet, Chocolate By Mueller has gotten international attention.

"I saw it on Fox Sports, Yahoo Europe, I've seen it in French sports magazines online, (and) USA Today."

And with the spotlight on him now, Mueller had one more thing to say:

"Happy New Ear!"

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