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Man Accused Of 'Peeping Tom' Incident At Montgomery County Target

By Steve Beck

ABINGTON, Pa. (CBS) -- Police arrested an alleged "Peeping Tom" who is accused of using a device to record at least one female in the changing room of a Target in Montgomery County.

Miklos Jugovics, of Warminster, is facing charges of Invasion of Privacy, Unlawful use of Computers and Possessing Instruments of Crime.

According to the Abington Township Police Department, a female told them she was trying on clothes in a changing room on March 21st at the Target on Old York Road. The female told police she saw a small, cylindrical device protruding under the wall of the changing room.

The female said she tried to grab the device, but it was pulled away, and it led to the female believing she had been photographed while she was changing.

A week later, inside the same store, Target employees saw someone in the area of the changing rooms who appeared to be the same man who was seen there a week earlier.

Target staff called police, who arrived and took the individual, later identified as Jugovics, into custody.

According to investigators, Jugovics admitted that he was in the store for the sole purpose of viewing and recording women changing clothes in the changing rooms.

Jugovics admitted to doing this on previous occasions at the Abington Target, including during the March 21st incident, police said.

Investigators said Jugovics used a ballpoint pen that has a built-in video camera that he had purchased on the Internet. Police recovered the pen from Jugovics on March 29th.

The pen Miklos Jugovics is accused of using. (credit: Abington Township Police Department)

According to investigators, Jugovics said he downloaded the images onto a computer at his home, but he said that he never uploaded any images to the Internet or otherwise distributed them.

During a search warrant, police seized his computer and additional items from his home.

Investigators say there are indications that Jugovics may have done this other times at the Abington Target between November, 2014 and March 28, 2015.

If anyone feels that they may have been victimized or has additional information about this investigation is urged to contact Detective Lisa Burton at 267-536-1108.

The 32-year-old Jugovics is being held pending an arraignment.

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