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Philadelphia seeking information on 10 unsolved murders

Digital Brief: March 21, 2023 (AM)
Digital Brief: March 21, 2023 (AM) 02:42

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia officials say they're working to solve murder cases but need your help apprehending suspects.

There are 10 cases in Southwest Philadelphia that need the public's attention, said Joanne Pescatore, supervisor of the office's homicide and non-fatal shooting unit.

Pescatore joined District Attorney Larry Krasner, Sheriff Rochelle Bilal and other officials at a news conference at The Church of Christian Compassion in Southwest Philadelphia.

Pescatore listed the names of 10 suspects who are wanted for unsolved murders:

"It's important that the families of our decedents know that we have not forgotten them and we are still doing everything we can to help these individuals," Lt. Hamilton Marshmond of the DAO Homicide and Non-Fatal Shooting Unit said. 

"I just want it to be known that this has to stop, this violence has to stop. I speak to parents, I speak to children, and being a father myself, when you think about the summertime approaching ... it's natural for children to want to be outside playing basketball at the park, being outside enjoying themselves, that's natural. Children should have that right, they should be able to do so without the fear of someone shooting a gun...and causing harm. We need to stop this violence."

Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal said some of the suspects could still be in the city, but that sheriff's officers will go where they need to.

"They have to lay their head somewhere, and they are among us. We need you to help us get them off the streets before somebody else gets hurt," Bilal said. "We will go anywhere. if you don't want us knocking on your door, tell us where they are."

Krasner said there have been 93 homicides this year as of 11:59 p.m. March 20, 2023. There were 107 at that point in 2022.

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