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'Keigwin, Fonte & Forsythe' From The Pa. Ballet

By RJ McKay

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Angel Corella, the artistic director of the Pennsylvania Ballet, described what viewers could expect from the group's performance of "Keigwin, Fonte & Forsythe" from June 11th to the 14th at the Merriam Theater.

"It's an evening of what the future of dance is going to be, and what the future is in the ballet world all around the world, and what every company is experiencing right now – how dance is evolving into something really, really cool and the kind of music and the kind of movement, it's almost at the edge, the dancers are there all the time," he says.

Corella talks briefly about the three featured choreographers.

"Well, it's actually a mix of…some of the greatest choreographers alive today – Keigwin, Forsythe and Fonte," he continues. "They are some of the greatest choreographers that you can find in the ballet world."

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