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Joe Coffee Is Philadelphia's Newest Specialty Coffee Shop

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - One of Philadelphia's newer specialty coffee shops gets its beans directly from growers - timed to each harvest season in far-flung countries - perking up interest among coffee aficionados.

The independent coffee scene in Philadelphia now includes Joe Coffee, overlooking Rittenhouse Square and in University City.

Amy Hattemer, the director of Joe Coffee Philadelphia, says the coffee shop specializes in "direct trade" beans, as they source their product, seeds from coffee berries, both responsibly, and directly from the growers.

"We pay a minimum of 25-percent above fair trade. It's this idea of direct trade, where we have a relationship with each farm."

She says they're all in it together.

"It sounds alittle utopian, but it kind of is because we're trying to get the best coffee."

Its beans are roasted at the Joe base in Brooklyn, and while Joe has 7 stores in Manhattan, the Rittenhouse location was the first in which all of its coffee is 100% Joe-roasted.

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