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Google Has Sights Set On Artificial Intelligence Being Next Big Thing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Artificial intelligence is the common theme in each of the new devices unveiled this past week by Google, and the company is betting on AI to bring radical change to the way we live.

"Computers should adapt to how people live their lives," says CEO Sundar Pichai.

Baked into Google's new phones, laptops, speakers, and camera is machine learning: a personal assistant on its face but under the hood is working to anticipate your needs and solve problems, Pichai says.

"Software needs to fundamentally change how it works," he said. "It needs to change and adapt."

Take the parking availability feature in Google Maps.

"We try to understand patterns," he says. "Are cars circling around? We can analyze it throughout the day and predict parking difficulty. And Google Maps gives you options."

It's one thing for an online service to learn and adapt, quite another for a product that's not connected: Google Clips is a small camera that is its own photographer, recording moments it finds interesting while recognizing and tagging faces.

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