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2021 Election Day Results For GOP Could Be Preview Of 2022 Midterms, Rutgers-Camden Political Science Professor Says

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Stronger than expected performances by the Republican party on Election Day could be signaling a reckoning amongst Democrats.

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Democrats are doing some soul searching as the election results and exit polling continues to pour in.

Despite pulling out some mayoral wins in some of the nation's biggest cities, Democrats are facing a wake-up call regarding voter concerns about the economy and COVID-19.

Many view the results as a preview of the 2022 midterms.

Eyewitness News spoke with Rutgers-Camden political science professor Kelly Dittmar to break down the possible implications of the election results.

"I think certainly Republicans are going to come out of this and say, 'We're coming back, we have the energy on our side and we have history on our side in that midterm elections for the opposing party of the president tend to be good for them,'" Dittmar said. "Democrats, though, can use these elections to say, 'Look what happened when we stayed at home. Look what happened when we didn't mobilize around a clear message, and look what happened when we didn't get things passed in Congress.' So it may motivate some action."

Dittmar says both parties learned a lot last night about how to navigate a path forward.

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