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Authorities Search Bucks County Home Where 12 Young Girls Were Found

BUCKS COUNTY (CBS) -- Authorities returned to the Bucks County house where 12 young girls were found Thursday, after an anonymous tip led them to the property. Police say the parents of at least one the girls gifted their daughter to a man living in the home, after he helped the couple with their finances.

Investigators have been combing through 51-year-old lee Kaplan's house in Feasterville for evidence.

Robert Hoopes is director of public safety in lower Southampton says when officials arrived at the house on Thursday; they found 12 young girls living inside.

"They were living down in the basement; they were hiding in the chicken coop," Hoopes said.

Authorities say Kaplan fathered two of the children, with a teen living in the property. They say the teen's parents, Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus from Lancaster County gave their daughter to Kaplan, when she was 14, as a gift for helping them with their finances. Both have been charged.

Savilla Stoltzfus
(credit: Lower Southampton Police Department)
Daniel Stoltzfus
(credit: Lower Southampton Police Department)

Authorities are still trying to determine who the other 9 girls are.

"They haven't had a chance to talk with the children yet. And I am sure they want to find out were they abused, weren't they abused," Hoopes said.

He said they are collecting and learning a lot by going through the home.

"In the basement there's an elaborate train set up, 10s of thousands of dollars of trains set up, and air mattresses."

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