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New Jersey Man Seeks Criminal Charges After Video Surfaces Of Alleged Police Brutality

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) -- There are calls for criminal charges to be filed against a Camden County officer accused of police brutality.

Three cops were suspended last week after video footage surfaced of what appears to be officers allegedly assaulting a man while taking him into custody.

On Feb. 27, officers say they responded to a call of a "man with a gun" along the 1300 block of Collings Road in Camden, New Jersey.

Attorney Devon Jacob says his client, Edward Minguela, never had a gun and a gun was never found, but what happened to Minguela next was inexcusable.

"An officer holstered his weapon, lifted him up and slammed him down," Jacob said. "It appears from the video that other officers restrain Mr. Manguela. While the officer that slammed him to the ground punched him repeatedly looks like 12 times."

Jacob says despite the video confirming Minguela's account, he is still facing obstructing justice and resisting arrest charges.

"I've called on the prosecutor's office to dismiss those charges, but it's been met with silence," he said. "That is a little bit interesting, considering, the individuals caught on camera doing the beating have not been criminally charged."

In a statement, a Camden County spokesman said, "The video from the scene, as shocking and disturbing as it is, is not who we are as a police department and does not represent our training, standards or culture at the agency. I can say in no uncertain terms that this isolated incident will be addressed."

Jacob added, "The same constitution that governs the officer governs Mr. Minguela and it provides him with certain rights that need to be enforced."

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