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Officials Warning Residents After Mail Stolen From 10 Postal Mailboxes In Yonkers

YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Officials are warning residents in Yonkers after police say mail was stolen from postal mailboxes around the city. 

Police said 10 mailboxes were burglarized around 2 a.m. Tuesday. Police said the thieves targeted bins on Main Street, Riverdale Avenue, South Broadway and Valentine Lane and stole whatever was inside.

Police are also warning anyone who may have used one of those mailboxes in the last few days to make sure their letter or package made it to its final destination. They are also telling people to alert their financial institutions that their account may have been compromised.

It's the latest in a string of more than 60 mail theft incidents since January.

In surveillance video from an incident three weeks ago, a suspect can be seen opening an outside mailbox, removing the bin and dumping dozens of pieces of mail into a bag held by a second suspect.

Police said in that incident, authorities recovered at least one stolen master key that unlocked the boxes after making several arrests.

But police are still looking for whoever is behind Tuesday's incidents and how they gained access to the mailboxes.

The thefts have left many people on edge.

"They're scaring me at the bank, telling me make sure you monitor, they're whitewashing checks and this that and another thing," said Josh Benjamin, who had thousands of dollars in business checks taken several weeks ago. "Hopefully that doesn't become an issue."

"I never use a mailbox," said Monique Harrison. "Even when I mail my mother's mail, I go to the post office. She doesn't want anything in there either."

"I was a little concerned because yesterday I put in my mortgage, my bills -- $2- or $3,000 worth of bills," said Ken Daniels.

Police say until the suspects are caught, it's safest to drop your mail off inside the post office instead of using a bin or hand it to a uniformed postal worker.


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