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Wyckoff Cracks Down On Drivers Ignoring Crossing Guards

WYCKOFF, N.J. (CBSNewYork) - We have had plenty of stories of drivers in New Jersey ignoring the crosswalks and not slowing down for pedestrians, but one township says they are dealing with drivers ignoring crossing guards.

It's a disturbing trend in Wyckoff, where school crossing guards have complained to police that when they raise their giant stop sign paddles and enter the crosswalk, many drivers ignore them and zoom right past.

Guard Bob Hess has had some close calls.

Wyckoff Cracks Down On Drivers Ignoring Crossing Guards

"The car was stopped here and the car behind it went around it and the kids were just ready to cross and I'm telling her to come and the car just no regard for what's going on, goes right around him," Hess told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams.

Police Chief Benjamin Fox has ordered a crackdown.

"We're going to setup some traffic details. You fail to obey the direction of the crossing guard and there is a police officer there, you'll be stopped," he said.

The chief says there will be zero tolerance. Drivers who fail to stop for a school crossing guard will get a ticket.

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