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Who Shot Pace Football Player?

THORNWOOD, N.Y. (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) -- Forensic experts are trying to retrace the path of a fatal bullet.

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They are trying to figure out which of two police officers fired the shot that took the life of a Pace University football player.

Sources tell CBS 2's Lou Young that Danroy Henry was hit by multiple bullets in the chest and shoulder while driving from a bar brawl in Thornwood a week ago. It remains unclear which of two officers fired the fatal shot.

"There were two from different angles, two sets of bullets. We don't know since we don't have the autopsy what caused the damage, but its clear there were shots fired by both," Henry family attorney Michael Sussman said.

Young reports bullets struck the windshield at two very different angles, one possibly from the Pleasantville Police officer on the hood firing down, but also from a less pronounced angle consistent with a Mount Pleasant officer who was standing some distance in front of the car.

There is also a bullet hole in the driver's side door, suggesting the Mount Pleasant officer continued to fire as the car passed.

Mount Pleasant Police Chief Louis Alagno confirmed Monday night he has no idea which officer fired the fatal shot. Even if it was the member of his own force he said his department can handle it.

Alagno told Young by phone, "It certainly is an awkward situation but as I've said from the beginning we will do a full, fair and impartial investigation."

The attorney for the dead student's parents formally asked for a federal takeover of the probe Monday. He said the leak of preliminary autopsy results on Friday indicating a high blood-alcohol level shows that something is wrong.

"You don't have a leak of sensitive information on Friday of the news cycle unless it's either intended to prejudice an investigation in advance, which would be cause enough, or indicative of a certain inadvertence or incompetence," Sussman said.

Police insist any formal conclusions are still weeks away.

The nearby Pace campus, meanwhile, remains in mourning, with students wearing armbands with the fallen football player's number on it. The school cancelled its football game this past weekend.

Henry will be memorialized at a public tribute near his parents' home in Massachusetts on Friday. Many of his fellow Pace students are expected to attend.

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