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Top Dog: Bella, Max Ranked Most Popular NYC Dog Names Of 2015

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- For the seventh straight year, Bella remains top dog when it comes to the most popular name for New York City pooches.

According to the NYC Health Department, more than 1,127 licensed dogs across the five boroughs are named Bella. Max, the top male name for dogs and former NYC top favorite, followed closely behind with more than 1,073 listings.

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After Bella, the top female names were Lola, Lucy, Daisy and Coco -- followed by Princess, Molly, Chloe, Luna and Sophie to round out the top ten.

(Credit: NYC Health Department)

For male names, Max, Rocky, Charlie, Buddy and Lucky topped the list -- followed by Teddy, Toby, Jack, Oliver and Milo.

Bella overtook Max as most popular dog name in 2008 -- the same year the final novel from Stephanie Meyer's vampire-themed "Twilight," featuring heroine Bella Swan, was published.

Other popular dog names revolved around common themes, like fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices. Common names in those categories included Ginger, Daisy, Lily, Pepper, Olive and Clementine.

Certain dog breeds also saw common name trends. Jack Russel Terriers were most commonly named Jack or Jackie, Golden Retrievers had names like Goldie or Buddy and Yorkshire Terriers had fashion-related names, like Gucci and Chanel.

According to the Health Dept., there are 84,054 dogs currently licensed in New York City. Manhattan has the highest percentage of dogs, at 35 percent, followed by Brooklyn (25 percent) and Queens (21 percent.)

For more information on how to license your dog, click here.




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