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'The Voice' Recap: Pre-Thanksgiving Suspense

T-minus one day until America goes on a four-day holiday of eating and it's time to check in with The Voiceto see what kind of suspense they're going to leave us with for Thanksgiving!

Starting with the blonde Cleopatra wig Christina Aguilera's adorning, complete with deep purple tips and bangs, we sit through a song from her new album with the remaining two members of her team look on adoringly. Unfortunately, two minutes in, the performance still hasn't got much better than the wig. It was somewhat cute how her team mates turned around in a chair as though they were judging her at the blind auditions, but apart from that? Not her finest moment on the show.

Let's skip the build-up Carson and get on to who get's fired tonight… Oh wait, we have a Voice Confessional? Okay, let's figure out everyone's innermost quirks In no particular order:

Christina's afraid of the dark, Cee Lo has 100 pairs of sunglasses, Blake Shelton never washes his truck and Cassidy Pope has a BETA fighting fish called Ted. Cody Belew loves when people fall, Amanda Brown is a musical theatre nerd, Nicholas David wears sunglasses over his glasses while Adam Levine loves showing off his tattoos and has spent up to $600 on a single t-shirt. Terry McDermott does a mean John Travolta in Grease impersonation while Trevin Hunte enjoys beat boxing. According to Cee Lo, Blake collects coins -- while according to Christina, Cee Lo always smells really, REALLY good. Blake knows stuff about Christina, but takes the 5th "because he doesn't want to die". We now feel it is our duty to find these things out! Bryan Keith likes to draw mustaches on himself while Dez Duron grew his hair out in high school so that he could have corn rows. Apparently Cody feels like Melanie is really 35 to 36 years old - she just has that kid thing going on.

Finally we're getting down to the first safe artists chosen by America from last nights Top Ten performances!

Team Cee Lo: Nicholas David
Team Blake: Cassidy Pope

Sigh of relief, commercial break and…it's Rascal Flatts. Cassidy Pope joins in for the Nashville platinum boy/girl duet and frankly kicks Gary LeVox's butt. 

After much ado, here are the next two Safe artists!

Team Christina: Dez Duron
Team Cee Lo: Cody Belew

Adam takes the stage for a quick spin as Freddie Mercury of Queen doing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."

Let's get back to another Saved artist.

Team Adam: Melanie Martinez

We now have Team Blake and Team Christina singing Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." (Note to self, if the Starbucks Twitter voting system is as full proof as Carson Daly thinks it is, maybe they should be responsible for the Presidential Elections in 2016. Just saying.)

And our final saved artists of the night are:

Team Blake: Terry McDermott
Team Cee-Lo: Trevin Hunte
Team Adam: Amanda Brown

Which means that unfortunately Bryan Keith and Sylvia Yacoub are heading home. We wish you all the best guys, but more than anything we hope you enjoy a very happy and rested Thanksgiving!

–Tim Mudd, Energy 103.7/San Diego

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