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Suffolk County Legislator On Red Light Cameras: 'Taxation By Citation'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - When it comes to red light cameras on Long Island, Suffolk County Legislator Robert Trotta has a saying: "It's clearly taxation by citation."

Newsday reports revenue last year from the cameras increased nearly 80 percent to more than 17 million as fines were boosted from $50 to $80.

Suffolk County Legislator On Red Light Cameras: 'Taxation By Citation'

The number of intersections grew as well, WCBS 880's Jim Smith reported.

"And what you're doing is the people are fed up. The people have had it," Trotta said.

Trotta said that by some estimates, 90 percent of those caught by the cameras-- including himself-- are not blowing through red lights but rather rolling through a "right on red."

"I pulled up, I did everything but stop. There was clearly no safety issue," he said.

As Smith reported, the county says it's not about revenue but about changing behavior. But Trotta questions at what cost.

"All you're doing is making it harder and harder to live on this island," Trotta said.

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