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Police: 81-year-old man killed, 2 others injured in stabbing on Staten Island

Police: 1 killed, 2 injured in Staten Island stabbing
Police: 1 killed, 2 injured in Staten Island stabbing 00:21

NEW YORK -- One man is dead and two others were injured Friday after a triple stabbing on Staten Island.

One person has been taken into custody.

As CBS New York's Alecia Reid reports, it happened on a normally quiet block where neighbors all know each other. Friday night, shock blanketed the area as people tried to figure out what could have caused this level of violence.

Neighbors comforted each other after hearing three of their friends were stabbed inside a Sunnyside Terrace home.

"I call him, and he doesn't pick up the phone. I call his son, he doesn't pick up the phone. I call the neighbor, he doesn't pick up the phone," neighbor Javier Juarez said.

Every one of the people Juarez called was a victim. The neighbor, an 81-year-old, died at the hospital.

"It's a shame. It's a tragedy. Such a beautiful person. We just lost a beautiful person," neighbor Ceasar Figueroa Sr. said.

Witnesses say the senior citizen was at his friend's home across the street when the deadly attack happened. Police say the homeowner is now in critical condition. There were other people in the home that were also injured.

"I know the son very well. I heard the son got stabbed, too," neighbor Tifo Zuberi said. "Slashed or stabbed or something because he tried to intervene."

Neighbors say the victims and the suspect all knew each other.

"I can't believe it because I grew up with the kid. He lived in my house, so I hope it's not true, but, shame," Zuberi said.

Police did take one neighbor into custody. As the investigation continues, detectives continue to go in and out of his home.

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