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Spectacular rainbow lights up the sky over New Jersey

Dazzling rainbow lights up New Jersey sky
Dazzling rainbow lights up New Jersey sky 00:57

NEW YORK - A beautiful sight had people across our area looking up at the sky Monday morning. 

A massive rainbow formed and could be seen over New Jersey. 

Rainbows are caused by light that interacts with water droplets in the air. 

This one had some people wondering if climate change is playing a role in how big and how often we see rainbows. 

"I don't think climate change is much of a cause for rainbows, aside from the fact that there may be more rain. A warmer atmosphere holds more water, which may lead to more rain showers, but I don't think what we're seeing at this point is any significantly more rainbows that are occurring," said Stephen Holler, chair of the physics department at Fordham University. 

Holler says you need to have your back to the sun to see a rainbow. He says it's always at a 42-degree angle from your point of view. 

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