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Seen At 11: Popular New Drug 'Molly' Could Have Lethal Side Effects

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Parents may have reason for concern if they hear their children talking about "Molly." It isn't the name of a friend, but a common alias for a potentially dangerous drug.

It's all the rage at raves and teens are using it in increasing numbers, according to experts.

Molly or MDMA is the chemical most commonly used in the drug ecstasy. It has been glorified by a number of musicians and Madonna has even given it a shout out.

Molly users claim that the drug gives them intense feelings of pleasure, but that the high is followed by a serious crash that includes levels of depression that some have called "paralyzing."

"It's really bad. You don't want to get up; you don't want to eat anything. You just sit there. You don't want to talk to anyone," said one teen who spoke anonymously to CBS 2's Kristine Johnson.

In some instances Molly has been known to kill, according to medical experts.

"It can kill you, because your body temperature goes up. It can kill you because it causes a seizure. It can kill you because it causes cardiac arrest," said Dr. Stephen Dewey of the Feinstein Institute.

The low cost of the drug and its availability have caused Molly use to rise, experts say.

"It's all over; it's everywhere. It's as easy as going into a store and buying a bottle of Coca Cola; it's that easy," said John Corbett of Maryhaven Steps To Life.

Adding cause for alarm is the number of dealers who are now adding highly addictive drugs like methamphetamine to their Molly product, a move that experts say is an attempt to stir up repeat business.

"They're absolutely trying to get more kids hooked on it, so more kids go out and get it, which increases the demand, which raises the price, which generates more revenue," Dr. Dewey explained.

Programs like the one at Maryhaven are helping teenagers break free of Molly's grip and move on with their lives.

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