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Sayreville High School Football Players Won't Be Charged As Adults In Hazing Scandal

SAYREVILLE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- The Middlesex County Prosecutor's office has decided not to try seven Sayreville high school football players accused of sexual assault as adults.

Prosecutor Andrew C. Carrey announced in a news release Monday that the teenage defendants will have their cases heard before a Family Court judge.

"The conduct in which the juvenile defendants engaged was serious and that is why criminal charges were filed," Carey said in the release. "The appropriate forum for the resolution of these cases is Middlesex County Family Court. Asking the court to waive these seven juvenile cases to adult court would not best serve the interests of the victims, the community, or the defendants," Prosecutor Carey said.

Sayreville High School Football Players Won't Be Charged As Adults In Hazing Scandal

Four students from Sayreville Memorial High School were charged last month seven Sayreville varsity football players with sexually assaulting four younger teammates during several hazing rituals in the locker room.

Victims have claimed in disturbing details have claimed they were anally violated.

Shortly after the charges were filed, Carey told CBS2's Christine Sloan he was under pressure to bump up the charges to adult criminal court.

"We look at the seriousness of the crime. We look at the history of the juvenile involved -- as in the defendant. Is this a first-time arrest? Has anything like this happened before?" Carey said "We also take very seriously the wishes of a victim in a case like this."

Five coaches were also suspended, and three paid part-time coaches and five volunteers were fired, in connection with the scandal.

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