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Retired NYPD Officer Thomas Webster, Republican Committeeman Philip Grillo Arrested For Alleged Roles In Capitol Riot

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Congressional lawmakers questioned law enforcement about the security failures during the attack at the U.S. Capitol Tuesday.

This comes as we learn more people from our area now face charges.

As CBS2's Dick Brennan reports, 54-year-old Thomas Webster is a former NYPD officer and Marine, but authorities say on Jan. 6, during the Capitol riot, he was "like a junkyard dog, teeth bared, fists clenched."

Prosecutors say that he "attacked a police officer with an aluminum pole and ripped off his protective gear and gas mask, causing the officer to choke."

Web Extra: Read Court Documents Regarding Webster (.pdf)

Webster is being held without bail.

Philip Grillo
(credit: U.S. Attorney's Office)

Also in federal court Tuesday, 46-year-old Philip Grillo of Glen Oaks, Queens, a Republican state committeeman.

Web Extra: Read The Court Documents Regarding Grillo (.pdf)

During the riot, he's allegedly seen on video jumping through a broken window and marching through the Capitol.

Witnesses from his neighborhood tipped police.

He was in part identified by his St. Anne's Council Knights of Columbus jacket.

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Authorities charged him with unlawful entry and disorderly conduct, and using threatening and abusive language.

In Washington, Capitol security officials testified what went wrong during the riot.

"We all believed that the plan met the threat and that we were prepared. We now know that we had the wrong plan," said Paul Irving, former House Sergeant at Arms.

"As an American and as an Army veteran, it's sad to see us attacked by our fellow citizens," U.S. Capitol Police Captain Carneysha Mendoza.

Mendoza told a Senate hearing that the attack left her scarred.

"I received chemical burns to my safe that still have not healed to this day," she said.

Acting Chief Robert Contee of the Metropolitan Police Department said he could not understand why he couldn't get backup from the National Guard for some four hours.

"There was not an immediate yes. I was just stunned," he said. "You know, I had officers that were out there that were literally fighting for their lives."

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund says he was told on Jan. 4 that bringing in the National Guard would be bad "optics," but some deny that was a factor.

"Let me be clear, 'optics,' as portrayed in the media played no role whatsoever in my decisions about Capitol security," Irving said.

Authorities were sure the attack was coordinated.

"These criminals came prepared for war ... You're bringing climbing gear to a demonstration. You're bringing explosives. You're bringing chemical spray," Sund said.

U.S. Capitol Police now acknowledge they received an FBI report ahead of the attack describing online threats of a "looming war at the Capitol."

"The United States Capitol Police Department did get that report. I was just advised of that in the last 24 hours," Sund said.

Sund acknowledged police never even trained for the type of attack they saw.

There will be another congressional hearing on the Hill next week. The FBI and Pentagon officials are expected to appear.

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