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Brutal attack over parking dispute leaves Wilson Chaba with severe brain trauma; family speaks out

Family speaks out after brutal parking dispute attack in Queens
Family speaks out after brutal parking dispute attack in Queens 02:02

NEW YORK - There's new information in a brutal attack stemming from a parking dispute in Queens. 

Police say Friday the victim was beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed

Speaking in Spanish, Rosario Chaba, the mother of 28-year-old Wilson Patricio Chaba, talked about how he supports the family, and tearfully said she wants justice. 

It comes days after a video, which is too graphic to show here, showed Wilson Chaba being beaten on 47th Avenue between 48th and 49th Streets in Sunnyside on Friday afternoon. 

Police say 27-year-old Daisy Barrera struck Chaba with a baseball bat multiple times and 30-year-old Arturo Cuevas admitted to kicking and stabbing him with a knife. 

The Chaba family attorney says his girlfriend, Delia Chimbay, was also struck with the bat. 

"She went to stop - to stop - the attack, and she actually, believe it or not, got into the middle of them. That's why she got damaged. And if she hadn't gone in, Wilson may be dead now," said attorney Pablo Bustos. 

Bustos says Wilson is in critical condition at Elmhurst Hospital with severe brain trauma, which required brain surgery, and is on a ventilator. 

"I know he wasn't talking. I couldn't talk to him," Bustos said. "He wasn't moving. There's probably going to be permanent damage." 

Barrera and Cuevas face charges of second-degree attempted murder and several counts of assault in the case. 

The couple appears to have a history with Chaba that stems from a fight over a parking spot.

One of the suspect's attorneys say Chaba struck her with a drill a few weeks ago, which Chaba's attorney denies. 

As for Friday, Chaba's attorney says it was unprovoked. 

"He was just going to his home. He wasn't attacking anybody, that's for sure," he said.

We're told both suspects plan to plead not guilty. For now, they are being held in jail. 

The Queens District Attorney says she asked the court to keep the defendants in custody prior to trial "given the viciousness of the attack."

They are expected to appear in court Thursday. 

Rozner tried to speak with the families of Barrera and Cuevas, but they declined. 

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