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Police Looking For Suspects After 10-Year-Old Hit By Stray Bullet In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Police are hoping surveillance video will help investigators identify suspects who they say were involved in a shooting in Brooklyn that left a 10-year-old boy injured.

Police say the boy was hit by a stray bullet around 11 p.m. Monday while walking with his father on Broadway in Williamsburg near Hooper Street.

The shooting occurred in front of a bodega, where CBS 2's Pablo Guzman reported the boy and his father were walking from their apartment to get something.  Guzman also reported that the boy was from Norway and visiting his father in Williamsburg.

"I was in my room studying, I heard two shots right after each other in succession," witness Alicia Smuts told CBS 2's Kathryn Brown.

The boy was hit once in the stomach and rushed to Bellevue Hospital where he last listed in stable condition.

"Really, really scary.  You know, it's scary that something like that would happen," Jose Espinal said.

Tuesday morning, police were looking for clues from surveillance video recovered from the scene. Witnesses were only able to describe the suspects as men and said they heard gunfire followed by screaming.

"Then I heard a woman screaming and I heard a couple of guys arguing back and forth for another minute and then sirens showed up about five minutes later," said Smuts.

Investigators believe the shooting may have stemmed from a fight between several people near the elevated J and M subway lines and say the boy wasn't the intended target.

Witnesses told police the shooting seemed to be between two rival groups, not "gangs."  Police said unlike Bloods or Crips, the increasingly younger individuals, who cops call "crews," are more dangerous in a way because they are young guns out to make a name.

Police are also canvassing the neighborhood looking for witnesses who could help identify the shooters.

The shooting comes just weeks after 8-year-old Armando Bido was shot in the back while buying a bag of chips at a Bronx Bodega.

Surveillance video captured the moment he too, became the unintended target of violence. The suspect in that shooting was arrested and Bido is expected to recover, though the bullet is still lodged in his neck.

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