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2 Vehicles Sent Crashing Into Paramus Wendy's After Collision

PARAMUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Two vehicles crashed into each other, and then both slammed into a Wendy's in Paramus, New Jersey late Thursday.

As CBS2's Tony Aiello reported, the very same restaurant was also hit by a car back in June.

Workers late Thursday night were examining a support beam put in place to shore up the damaged restaurant, after the minivan and car crashed into it.

The drivers were both headed east on Route 4 near the Paramus Road exit just before 5 p.m. Thursday – on of them behind the wheel of a car, the other a minivan, Paramus police said.

Witnesses said the driver of the red Toyota Corolla was trying to get into the Wendy's parking lot when it cut off the minivan, sending them both into the Wendy's at 190 Highway 4, police told 1010 WINS.

Photos showed both vehicles jumped the curb and the minivan ended up inside the Wendy's.

Paramus Wendy's Crash
Two vehicles crashed, and both ended up smashing into a Wendy's, in Paramus, New Jersey on Thursday, Sept. 3. (Credit: Tony Aiello/CBS2)

"I was just hoping I could get the cars out without the building falling down," said Tom Jasko of All*Points Towing.

Jasko was on the scene minutes after the crash, and said the mangled wood, glass and steel inside was something to see.

"One of the drivers was in shock, crying -- her and her I guess I assume it was boyfriend -- and then the other driver, she had a child with her," Jasko said. "Thank God the child was all right."

There were no serious injuries at all, although four patrons inside the Wendy's were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Paramus police told 1010 WINS four people were injured – including one who was a minor. They were all patrons of the restaurant, and they all claimed of arm pain, police said.

A woman on the scene said it was "wonderful" that everyone survived, "but it was pretty scary – very scary. I mean, this was the second time it happened."

Indeed, just two and a half months ago, a Wendy's customer was hospitalized after a sport-utility vehicle slammed into the same restaurant.

Then, and again on Thursday, the crashes caused huge backups on Route 4, and raised questions about how the entrance to the restaurant – so close to the exit for Paramus Road – was designed.

"Honestly I think it's an engineering flaw, and something needs to be done," Jasko said.

Police said the driver of the red Corolla caused the accident. She was ticketed for careless driving.

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