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Pamper Your Pet In NYC

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Need to get a special cat or dog food for your pet? Are you looking for modern, hard-to-find pet design or grooming services? Are you looking to adopt a pet? Check out this guide to Manhattan's most-talked about pet stores.

Spoiled Brats

340 W 49TH St Ste 1
New York, NY 10019
(212) 459-1615

This store will always have a special place in my heart. After my first week at a new job in midtown, I stopped by Spoiled Brats on my way home, and walked away with two kittens from the rescue agency Anjellicle Cats, which operates in the back of the store. For over ten years, the Hell's Kitchen-based organization has been a lifeline for abandoned, stray, and neglected cats and kittens. But even if you're not looking for a new feline, Spoiled Brats has a great selection of hard-to-find pet food - like Avoderm, the only brand of wet food my cats will touch –a good selection of both dog and cat toys, collars, and beds, plus a knowledgeable, friendly staff.

The Salty Paw

38 Peck Slip (Between Front Street and South Street)
New York, NY 10038
(646) 736-1720

The best thing about the Salty Paw is its group of skilled groomers and reasonable package price which includes teeth brushing. The store will also bath cats and clip cat claws. The owners live in the neighborhood and genuinely care about getting to know you and your pet. The store also rates highly on décor, and offer many unique collars and dog accessories, including Shabby Dog – a three piece set of dog collar, leash and hands-free leash - custom collars and leashes, and waterproof pet beds. One drawback is the cat selection is a bit small.

Pets On Lex

1109 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10075
(212) 426-0766

Although I don't understand why anyone would care to purchase a purebred dog or cat given the thousands of adoptable dogs and cats euthanized in New York City every week, this seems to be the place to go if your heart is truly set on purchasing a purebred. Pets On Lex distinguishes itself from the competition by providing a DNA test on many of its breeds and offers an extensive health guarantee on all of our puppies and kittens. The store also frowns on the idea of declawing cats. It offers a full line of dog and cat foods and supplies, although the store is really about the animals, not the products.

Beasty Feast

Two West Village locations:
680 Washington St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 620-4055

630 Hudson Street
New York, N.Y. 10014
(212) 620-7299

Beasty Feast sells a wide variety of pet food, including hard-to-find organic brands like Evo, Avoderm and California Naturals, at reasonable prices . Founded by a Greek immigrant in 1977 who noticed a dearth of options for pet owners in West Village, the store offers free delivery for purchases over $30 and stays well stocked on most items. The store also hosts adoption events every Saturday through the non-profit organization The Renaissance Project Animal Rescue. The majority of pets come from the New York City's municipal animal control facility.

Whiskers Holistic Pet Store

235 E 9th St
(between 2nd Ave & Stuyvesant St)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 979-2532

Whiskers has a great variety of organic options for your pet. The prices are on-par or lower than Petco and other major pet store chains, and it offers a rewards program that can really pay off the more you shop at the store. There are many remedies for ill cats and dogs. While the salespeople are not veterinarians, they are knowledgeable about a variety of maladies ranging from dental to tinkle problems. My cat had a urinary tract infection that wasn't getting better with antibiotics, and I found a simple organic remedy known as "tinkle tonic" was more effective than the vet's prescription.

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