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NYC's 5 Best Bars For 'Pickleback' Shots

For those who may not know what this strong and savory drink is composed of, please read on. The libation was supposedly invented in Brooklyn in 2006. Consisting of a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey, followed by a shot of pickle brine, this kicker has seemingly swept the country. By Jonathan Pogash.
PickleBack from Bushwick Country Club
(credit: Bushwick Country Club/Facebook)

The spot that supposedly started it all, Bushwick Country Club, serves up their classic Pickleback using Bob McClure's (of McClure's Pickles) pickle brine. You get the usual shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey, plus a chaser of McClure's spicy brine. Play a round of mini-golf in the back and enjoy your shots. It's as authentic as it'll get.

Whiskey Tavern
(credit: Whiskey Tavern)

Every day until 4 p.m., you can enjoy a Pickleback at Whiskey Tavern on Baxter St. You know that the night is not over once these shots are ordered and consumed. You'll love the vibe here, too, and it will make you want to stay out a little bit (or a lot) later than you had intended.

Crocodile Lounge
(credit: Crocodile Lounge)

Follow up your pickleback with pizza at this East Village dive known for bringing out the kid in you. Head over there during their wildly popular happy hour Monday through Saturday from 12-7 p.m., featuring arcade games, pizza and of course, pickles.

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The pickle has it's own spot on the menu at The Rusty Knot - it will cost you $2. The Pickleback shot at the tiki-themed spot in the far West Village, is a reasonable $8. Plus during their Mon-Fri happy hour, from 5:30-7:30pm, drinks are 2 for 1. Order some tacos and sloppy joes and your dinner pairing will be complete.

Barbecue, pickles, and whiskey are all in perfect marriage at Brother Jimmy's locations across NYC. The original location, on Second Ave., would be a good place to start, and then you can hit up the other five locations at your leisure. Their food is delicious, as are their sauces and their specialty cocktails, too. This really is a spot that will satisfy all barbecue taste buds.

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Jonathan Pogash, aka The Cocktail Guru, is a beverage consultant, writer, and educator.

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