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New York City Public Schools are getting over $500 million for educational programs. Here's how the money breaks down.

NYC commits over $500 million for public school educational programs
NYC commits over $500 million for public school educational programs 00:42

NEW YORK -- New York City Public Schools educational programs are getting over $500 million from the city.

Mayor Eric Adams says the programs were previously paid for by temporary stimulus dollars from the federal government.

NYC invests $514 million of city resources, state funds in Department of Education programs

Both city and state dollars will now be used to protect city Department of Education programs that had been supported by federal stimulus money.

Here's how the $514 million will be spent:

  • $92 million for supporting citywide 3-K expansion
  • $74 million to help hundreds of social workers and psychologists offering mental health support in schools
  • $56 million for increased service hours and resources for special education pre-K providers
  • $56 million total for 113 Community Schools and Program to Eliminate the Gap restoration in Community Schools
  • $53 million on career readiness programs in high schools that offer apprenticeships, access to college credits and other programs
  • $41 million for arts programming
  • $31 million for Learn to Work at transfer schools and Young Adult Borough Centers offering guidance and learning opportunities to at-risk adults and young adults
  • $27 million for the Public Schools Athletic League
  • $17 million for literacy and dyslexia programs
  • $10 million for academic assessments for math and English language arts
  • $15 million for coordinators who help students in temporary housing and shelters
  • $10 million for bilingual education and related programs
  • $15 million for programming through Project Pivot, which works with community-based organizations to provide violence interruption and other programs in schools
  • $10 million for six nonprofit groups with the goal of helping prepare students for graduation and the future
  • $9 million for the New Visions Data Platform schools use to track student information, such as attendance
  • $6 million for translation and interpretation services for students and families

Additional funding for 3-K, pre-K outreach efforts

The city is spending an additional $5 million on 3-K and pre-K enrollment efforts.

"Currently, New York City has tens of thousands of unfulfilled 3-K and pre-K seats, and we don't want a single seat to sit unfilled," Adams said.

The mayor's office says the outreach effort will focus on areas of the city with low enrollment rates.

Another $25 million will go towards special education classes and related services for pre-K students.

The mayor also announced an $8 million investment in the MyCity portal with the goal of helping New Yorkers apply for subsidized child care and other city services.

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