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MTA: Emergency Subway Repairs Will Be Cut If MTA Doesn't Pay Up

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is threatening to cut back emergency subway repairs if the city does not cough up hundreds of millions of dollars.

As WCBS 880's Alex Silverman reported Monday, the ominous warning came in a committee briefing by acting head of New York City Transit Tim Mulligan.

"We have to resolve the underlying funding of this program," Mulligan said.

If half the money – the half that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is demanding from the city – does not appear, Mulligan said there will be consequences.

"We're going to limit what we do, which is going to limit the impact," he said. "It's just inevitable."

Transit workers' union boss and board member John Samuelsen took it up a notch.

"I'm sure there are a grieved parties, including riders and workers, willing to take legal action to force New York City to rethink its obligations," he said.

Mayor's Press Secretary Eric Phillips said the union leadership has been fooled by a governor who refuses to fix the subways over which he has authority.

He said further, "After making record contributions to the MTA, City riders are sick of this charade. The State and MTA holding New York City trains hostage to avoid their responsibility represents a new low in government effectiveness. The Governor should return the money he siphoned from the MTA and fix the subways he runs."

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