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This Model is Proud to Show Her 'Unedited Photos' to Thousands

1010 WINS -- When Aussie blogger and personal trainer Madalin Giorgetta saw a photo her sister took of her in a bikini showing imperfections on her posterior, she originally wanted to delete the photo as fast as possible. Now she says she feels proud of her dimpled booty and wants to spread her message of body-positivity.

"When my sister originally took this photo of me I saw it and was like 'eww gross delete delete'," Madalin said in an Instagram post.

"I forgot to delete it and kept it on my computer for months. I shared another similar more flattering picture on my Instagram (sans butt dimples) and never thought I would ever share the original photo."

In the meantime, Madalin was contacted by Women's Health and Fitness magazine to be featured in a piece and initially hesitated to send the unedited photo. "I didn't know how I'd feel about this being on every newsstand in Australia," she admitted.

The magazine loved the photo and her bravery for showing herself as a normal human being -- unedited and au naturel -- choosing to use that very photo for publication.

"Now that I see it in print, I'm extremely proud and so happy I made the decision."


--Joe Cingrana

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