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#MetsAreBetterThan Trending Nationwide On Twitter In Light Of Amazins' Fast Start

NEW YORK (WFAN) - The Mets' blazing hot start to the season has New York sports fans talking -- so much so that the Amazins' are now trending on Twitter.

On Thursday afternoon, #MetsAreBetterThan was trending nationwide, and it elicited a wide range of comments. Here were some of the responses:

@NYCMaterialKid: #MetsAreBetterThan Tebow's throwing arm
@JohnMNJ: #MetsAreBetterThan Hanley and Jose's hair dye.
@david_marine: #MetsAreBetterThan Mark Sanchez's chances at starting all 16 games this season
@gordondamer: #MetsAreBetterThan the odds of moving Amar'e Stoudemire and the remaining 3 years and 65 million dollars on his contract.
@daniel_vernon: #MetsAreBetterThan Charles Barkley's skill in not completing a sentence!
@BigCharlieD: #MetsAreBetterThan Kate Upton's intelligence
@_mistermet: #MetsAreBetterThan Mo Vaughn's gigantic sandwich.
@BluEyezJess: #MetsAreBetterThan Mayor Bloomberg's Spanish
@MetGiantRanger: #MetsAreBetterThan the Secret Service's secret about prostitution
@JohnMNJ: #MetsAreBetterThan Jeter's gift baskets.
@JedSmed: #MetsAreBetterThan Andy Pettitte's legal team
@BigCharlieD: #MetsAreBetterThan Lindsey Lohan's relationship with her father
@BluEyezJess: #MetsAreBetterThan Fidel Castro, right Ozzie Guillen?
@jagostinelli17: #MetsAreBetterThan a Jose Reyes Video Tribute
@AGuyNamedBri: #MetsAreBetterThan the Yankees...that's just common knowledge
@BigCharlieD: #MetsAreBetterThan Jose Canseco's HGH test
@BluEyezJess: #MetsAreBetterThan Lebron's hairline
@cmonterosso: #MetsAreBetterThan both Bobby Bo's & Ollie's contracts.
@dap260: #MetsAreBetterThan the Rangers Power Play...
@bigray84: #MetsAreBetterThan watching Gary Busey pitch in Rookie Of The Year
@markregan94: #MetsAreBetterThan Chipotle.. And nothing's better than Chipotle

Who or what do you think the Mets are better than? Offer your comments and ideas in the section below...

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