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Long Island Family Seeks To Preserve Snowman Even With Winter Over

MASSAPEQUA PARK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Many New Yorkers spent the months of February and March complaining about snow, but one Long Island family wants to hold onto the nostalgia of winter.

Mike Fregoe and his family created a snowman back in January. It started out relatively small, but now stands as a tower more than 9 feet tall on Fregoe's Massapequa Park lawn.

On Friday, Fregoe got some help from some generous people who made the snowman even bigger. They donated five huge containers of snow that were collected from a Medford parking lot.

"Our goal is to keep the snowman alive, and to continue to make people happy and smile as they drive by their cars and wave," Fregoe said.

Fregoe started a Facebook page titled, "Save the Snowman."

In case you're wondering, on rainy spring nights, the snowman gets decked out in full rain gear to protect his frame.

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