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Saddle River crests and ices over parts of Lodi, as residents in flood zone grow increasingly frustrated

Icy conditions overnight in Lodi, New Jersey
Icy conditions overnight in Lodi, New Jersey 02:16

LODI, N.J. -- The Saddle River crested overnight in Lodi, New Jersey, icing over flooded streets and surfaces from Saturday's intense rain. 

The water has started to recede, but the frigid temperatures remain.

Saturday's flooding heightened the fears of local homeowners, who deal with flooding all too often.

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Storm creates flooding concerns in Lodi as Saddle River rises 01:58

Chuck Jasmine used flares to alert fellow drivers of floodwaters along Main and Sydney streets.

"Just to help the Lodi Police and the people coming down the road not to make the mistake to go in there, period," he said.

Some drivers ignored the orange cones and took their chances to make it to the other side. One man on a bike took his time to get through.

But Ivan de la Paz has lived in the neighborhood for years and knows how bad it can get.

"I lost my car due to a flood. Yeah, my first car that I bought," he said.

The city of Lodi has faced challenges whenever there's heavy rain. Back in January, a shipping container washed down the Saddle River and became lodged under a bridge, and basements were left flooded. 

De la Paz's family eventually came up with a plan after spending copious amounts of money to repair their basement.

"We had to build something to surround the outside of our house so that in events like this it won't get as bad as it has in the past," he said.

A nearby housing complex parking lot also flooded Saturday as the river overflowed its banks. A number of tenants said they've lost vehicles and now proactively move them to higher ground whenever rain is on the way.

Neighbors living in the flood zone are increasingly frustrated.

"It destroys our shed, destroys the fence. There was a garden there. I can't have anything," Lodi resident Zach Karwoski said.

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