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Killer Coyote Stalking Pets In Stamford, Conn., Officials Say

STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) -- Residents in Stamford are being warned that a wild coyote is on the prowl in their area.

Animal Control officials say the coyote has already killed one family's beloved dog.

CBS2's Hazel Sanchez spoke with neighbors who are worried about what might happen next, if the coyote isn't caught soon.

It's not uncommon to see a coyote in parts of Stamford. But one caught on Karen Danks' security camera is big, brazen, and aggressive.

"This thing comes here every night and it's terrorizing our whole entire neighborhood," Danks said.

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Danks was watching her dog, Dakota, in her backyard on Soundview Drive when the coyote crept up and attacked, biting the dog's back.

Danks fought off the wild animal with a shovel, demonstrating to Sanchez what she did.

"I had it and went like this. I threw it at it. I hit it first. And then, when I threw it, I just had it like this," Danks said. "It came right at me. It's not afraid."

Stamford Animal Control said it handles coyote sighting calls almost daily, but the agency has applied for state permits to set traps for this troublesome terror.

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Over the last two months, it is believed this coyote injured several neighborhood pets. Many cats are missing. And on Sunday, it killed one family's Dachshund.

Barbara Desilet spotted the coyote Tuesday night.

"It's a huge concern. There are small children in the area. I have a very small dog. I have a Yorkie. So I won't even take him out," Desilet said.

While people who live in the neighborhood await the coyote's return, there's growing concern the animal isn't alone.

"There's definitely more than one. We've seen them together," said Rachael Secovine.

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Secovine spotted a pack of three coyotes in her yard while out with her 5-month-old puppy.

Now she's prepared to scare them away.

"We've heard from animal control that carrying airhorns, making loud noises, will help to scare them away, so I keep this with me whenever I take him for a walk," she said.

Animal Control said the coyote traps will be set sometime this week, and the hope is this nuisance coyote will soon be stopped in its tracks.


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