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Jersey City Shooting: Suspect Tied To Shooters Appears In Federal Court

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A third suspect accused in the deadly Jersey City shootout appeared in federal court Monday.

A judge ordered the Monmouth County man to remain in custody, saying he's a danger to the public.

Ahmed A-Hady, 35, found himself before a federal judge after his personal cellphone number was found in the pocket of dead gunman David Anderson.

Jersey City shooters David Anderson and Francine Graham. (Credit: New Jersey Attorney General's Office)

The number was found after police say Anderson and his girlfriend, Francine Graham, murdered Jersey City Police Detective Joseph Seals in a cemetery and three innocent people at a kosher market last Tuesday.

A-Hady was represented by a public defender who says his connection to the Jersey City shooting was just bad luck, saying the shooters could have Google searched for his business.

A-Hady was arrested on weapons charges after investigators searched his family's pawn shop in Keyport, New Jersey, discovering 12 guns, including six assault-style rifles. Additionally, 400 rounds of illegal ammunition was found at his home. A-Hady is a previously convicted felon, charged in 2012 with attempting to obtain controlled substances. Because of this, he's not allowed to own guns.

"Today, defense counsel said those guns were for the protection of that pawn shop, however I don't see how 12 guns are necessary to protect a pawn shop in Keyport, New Jersey. I don't see how that would make it necessary to have long rifles, including three AR-15s, a shotgun, five separate handguns, three other long rifles, and it certainly doesn't justify the illegal possession of hollow-point bullets by the defendant," said U.S. District Attorney Craig Carpenito.

Jersey City shooting suspect
Ahmed A-Hady

A-Hady's parents, brother and fiance were silent as they left the courthouse Monday.

His brother, Adhem A-Hady, spoke to CBS2's Marc Liverman on Sunday.

"Sometimes if after business hours, customers do, like, if there's an emergency, we leave our cellphone numbers on the door, so I mean, there's like a million different possibilities on how that number could have got there," he said.

Investigators would not say if any of the guns used in the Jersey City shooting were purchased at A-Hady's pawn shop. It was mentioned in court that a second pawn shop in South Amboy also run by A-Hady was searched Monday.

Additionally, new information was released Monday about the shooters; Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop says they both had handcuff keys sewn into their underwear. Investigators presume if captured, they could have unlocked their handcuffs and continued their spree.


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