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Eye On Cyber: Inflight Airplane Wi-Fi Poses Public Security Risks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Travelers, especially business travelers, have become increasingly dependent on the availability of wi-fi internet access on airplanes, but security experts are warning such access has weak security and needs extra security precautions when surfing the internet in flight.

Some flights now have more connected devices than they do people, reports CBS2's Siobhan Gorman.

A recent study found on one flight with 200 seats, 250 devices were connected.

Security experts say most of those internet connections are not encrypted and are just as insecure as using public wi-fi in a coffee shop.

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To better secure your device while using in-flight wi-fi, you can:

1.) Designate the wi-fi as public when you log on, which will turn off certain functions that could make you more vulnerable to attack.

2.) Use a virtual private network, which will encrypt and protect your data.

3.) Don't update software while in flight. Hackers often gain entry by posing as a software update.

3.) Before you fly, make sure your firewalls and key applications are updated with the latest security patches. It's the cyber equivalent of locking your door behind you when you leave the house.

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